3M HF60-S-SR5 Replacement Water Filter

3M HF60-S-SR5 Replacement Water Filter

3M designed the High Flow Series Replacement Cartridge, Model HF60-S-SR5 as an NSF certified, single cartridge replacement filter to help provide consistent high-quality water for commercial ice machines, brewed coffee and tea by reducing the effects of cysts, bacteria, sediment and chlorine taste and odour at flow rates to meet the need for commercial uses such as coffee makers and large capacity ice machines.

The 3M High Flow Series Replacement Cartridge, Model HF60-S-SR5 combine chlorine taste and odour reduction with sediment and scale reduction and provide protection from the harmful effects of chlorine corrosion and scale. The cartridges are sanitary by design, to help maintain food service best practices. Innovative Sanitary Quick Change (SQC™) design is an industry first for this application and allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs without having to contact the filter media or the need for a filter wrench. The 3M High Flow SQC is one of the industry's most advanced water filtration system features, making change-outs fast and with just a 1/4 turn to remove the old and replace the new, minimizing the possibility of leakage and contamination. 3M Replacement Filter Cartridge, Model HF90-S materials are FDA CRF-21 compliant. Some HF-S filters are designed to be 99.99% effective at removing water-borne heterotrophic bacteria and cyst by membrane filtration. With built-in scale inhibition on some models, they also reduce the ability of calcium and magnesium to precipitate on the evaporator plates as hard scale. Model HF-S Series Best Features: Filter cartridges are double O-ring seal type. System maximum operating pressure of 125 psi (862 kPa / 8.6 Bar) and operating temperature of 100°F (38°C) Filter cartridges incorporate carbon block media and scale inhibitor. Cartridge body is constructed from high-impact glass-filled polypropylene. Cartridges are sanitary in design, requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out. Filter cartridges require no pre-activation.

  • Real OEM filter parts keep your water filtration systems safe, efficient and reliable
  • Provides consistently great tasting water for brewed coffee and tea by reducing sediment and chlorine taste and odor
  • Enhances water clarity for visually appealing iced beverages
  • Various models reduce bacteria, cysts, sediment and chlorine taste and odor for effective equipment protection
  • Reduces chlorine corrosion of metallic components and extends equipment life
  • Reduces sediment carry over for less equipment down time