3M P165-BN Water Filter Change Procedure For A Subway Proofer Oven

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Hi, this is Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support with a video on the proper procedure for changing the 3M P165-BN proofer oven water filter in your Subway location.

It is best practice to change your water filter during off hours nor non-peak times to avoid any potential delays to service.

The water filter we will be changing is the 3M P165-BN replacement cartridge filter, located in the back of the proofer oven.

This is a very simple filter to change, and requires minimal training or equipment.

The filter head that is installed contains an automatic on/off system to allow for easy water filter change outs.

We will begin by turning the existing filter clockwise a quarter turn. This will simultaneously turn of the incoming water,and release the existing from the head.

The water filter will remove downwards. We can now install our new filter cartridge.

We will align the knubs on the top of the filter with the corresponding grooves on the filter head. The filter will install with light upwards pressure and a quarter turn counter-clockwise. This will simultaneously turn on the water and lock the filter in place.

We will then clean and dry the area, and apply a label to signify the date of filter change, as well as the next service date for the filter. The filter should be changed on a 6-month cycle, when it experiences low flow, or according to your in-house maintenance routine.

This has been Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support, for Suretech Water Inc, for water filter sales, service, or inquiries, please contact our sales team today at 1-877-635-7410 or shop and get in contact via our website at www.suretechwater.ca

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