3M SGLP2-BL Reverse Osmosis Pressure Relief Valve Replacement

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Hi, this is Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support with a video demonstrating the procedure changing a leaking or faulty pressure relief valve on your 3M SGLP2-BL Reverse Osmosis system.

We will start by following the blended water line from the back left port of the system. We will shut any applicable equipment feeding off of the blend line.

We will then shut the small internal tank by turning the shutoff on the top of the system.

We will find the shutoff for the large external tank by either following the line up from the tank, or down from the second port on the right side of the system. Here we followed the line up from the external tank. Be careful when identifying the external tank shutoff. Here we have a shutoff leading to the drain, this will not shutoff the tank. We will continue to follow the line and find the shutoff that isolates the tank from the system.

We will identify the water distribution manifold that feeds the reverse osmosis.

We will shut the reverse osmosis port, isolating water from the system.

We will then follow the blend line we previously used to shutoff equipment. Along this line there will be an open port to either attach a line, or flush water into a bucket.

Opening this line will expel any water from the system. The gauge on top of the system dropping to zero will indicate there is no pressure remaining within the system.

We can then remove our leaking or faulty pressure relief valve by depressing the collet at the base and gently pulling on the valve assembly.

To install our new pressure relief valve, we will remove it from the packaging and press it firmly into the push-in fit fitting. The collet will allow the assembly to enter, then lock in place. A firm tug on the assembly will ensure it has been seated properly in the fitting.

We can then return to our water distribution manifold and turn the water to the reverse osmosis back on.

We can then shut our flush valve and remove our flush line.

We can then return to the top of the system and open the small internal tank.

Return to and open our large external tank.

And finally, we will reopen the outlets to our equipment fed by the blend line.

Our 3M SGLP2-BL Reverse Osmosis system with a new pressure relief valve is now back in action.

This has been Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support for Suretech Water Inc. For water filter sales, service, or assistance with your system, please contact our team today at 1-877-635-7410 or via our website at www.suretechwater.ca.

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