Dunkin Donuts Schaerer SEB Espresso Water Filter Change Procedure

Hi, this is Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support with a video on how to change a Schaerer SEB water filter in your Dunkin Donuts location. Although the filter in this video is a slightly smaller cartridge, the filter change process for the Schaerer SEB is identical.
To remove the existing filter, we will need to shutoff the water and relieve pressure. Most heads are equipped with an internal shutoff and pressure relief system. To determine if your filter head has an internal control, identify if there is the presence of a small tube from the backside of the head. Alternatively, if one is not present, identify the incoming water shutoff point and the activation line and handle. The head we are working on today contains an internal control system. We will begin by using a bucket, pail, or sink drain to feed our activation line into. We will turn off the water and relieve pressure by turning the cartridge clockwise a quarter turn. We will take this opportunity to open our activation line by turning the blue handle. The filter can now be removed by a continued turn clockwise. The filter will remove downwards. A small amount of residual water may remain. We can now install our new filter. After removing the packaging and sanitary cap, insert the new filter into the head aligning the knubs with the corresponding grooves. A quarter turn counter clockwise with slight upwards pressure will lock the filter in position. In heads with internal control, this will also turn on the water to the filter. The filter will begin to activate through the activation line. Alternatively, for system without internal control. Reopen the water inlet slowly. Allow the water to run for approximately five minutes. We can then shut our activation line, and dispose of our waste water. We will clean and dry the area, and add a label to signify the date of change. To adjust the required blend, if applicable, consult the usage chart in the information pamphlet provided with your filter. It is imperative to change the Schaerer SEB water filter to ensure the proper function of your espresso machine. The Schaerer SEB should be changed on a minimum cycle of once every 1-3 months. This will vary depending on incoming water quality and volume of water usage. Be aware, to properly protect your valuable equipment from scale and harmful buildup, it is a must to diligently change your filter when required and to properly install and setup the new filter. This has been Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support for Suretech Water Treatment Inc. www.suretechwater.ca

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