Dunkin Donuts Water System Walkthrough

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Hi, this Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support with a video walking through the two potential water filtration setups at a Dunkin Donuts location. 3M has designed these setups to accommodate a multi-application setting. Although designed to eliminate downtime, and minimize equipment service fees, the filters do require periodic monitoring and scheduled changes to ensure the proper operation of equipment. This video will walkthrough each individual filter system and its suggested cycle lifespan.
The first setup will apply to locations with supply water below 250 ppm. The water will initially begin by entering the HF260S System. The water will exit the HF260S system and enter the Schaerer SEB water filter for your espresso machine. The water will also feed the Coffee/Tea, Ovens, and Ice Machine.

The second setup will apply to locations with supply water in excess of 250 ppm.
The water begins at a 3M water softener. The water softener should be inspected bi-monthly for the presence of salt, it should also be inspected annually to ensure its still functioning properly. The filtration process begins at the CFS210-2 prefilter system. The water will then travel into the ScaleGard HP reverse osmosis system. Following the ScaleGard Reverse Osmosis, the treated water will then be polished via a BEV160 water filter system. The water will then feed a Schaerer SEB water filter on your espresso machine, as well as send water to your coffee/tea, beverage, and ovens. There will also be and independent ICE60S water filter system attached to your ice machines.

Some locations will have a completely different base filtration setup, but all Dunkin Donuts will have the Schaerer SEB water filter feeding filtered water to the espresso machine. It is imperative to change the Schaerer SEB water filter to ensure the proper function of your espresso machine. The Schaerer SEB should be changed on a minimum cycle of once every 1-3 months. This will vary depending on incoming water quality and volume of water usage. Be aware, to properly protect your valuable equipment from scale and harmful buildup, it is a must to diligently change your filter when required and to properly install and setup the new filter. For instructions on how to change the Schaerer SEB water filter, please click the link above or navigate to the video page on our website.

Having cleaner and clearer water for your business is both a pleasure and a reassurance. With energy savings, lower maintenance fees on equipment, and less downtime, there is a direct correlation between proper water filtration and profitability. With a water filtration system from 3M Purification, you can provide filtered water that will help protect your equipment and your profits.

We are an approved partner of 3M Purification, and can provide assistance and sales on all filters featured in this video. For further questions, inquiries, or for filter sales please contact our office at 1-877-635-7410, or via our website at www.suretechwater.com.

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