Installation & Repair of Water Systems

HFRO filters installed






  • We install, maintain, and repair water filtration, reverse osmosis, sterilization, water softener, and iron removal systems.
  • We take pride in our education and understanding of water filtration, and its various and ever-changing technologies.
  • Our knowledge and ability allows us to maintain a professional level of integrity with our workmanship and quality installations.
  • Continual education makes it possible for us to remain at the leading edge of the industry, with a thorough understanding of the newest concepts and approaches to water filtration.
  • Our thorough understanding of the parameters of the food service industry and franchise specific requirements, place us in a position to provide you with the knowledge and products to properly maintain the water quality standard required.
  • Partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers grants us access to promotions, filters, and systems, allowing us to pass along the most up to date systems, filters, and pricing.
  • Our well-educated technicians provide professional, and thorough, on-site repairs and installations of water filtration equipment.
  • Our seasoned technicians are well-versed in the diagnosis and timely repair of water filtration equipment, minimizing equipment downtime and sales loss.
  • In-depth experience with the equipment and requirements of McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Second Cup, A&W, Ciniplex, Subway, Burger King, etc.