Trouble With Your Prefilter? Series K Water Prefilter Troubleshooting and Walkthrough

Hi, this is Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support with a video walking you through common problems encountered after changing your prefilter in a Series K water filter head.
The most common problem after changing the prefilter is leakage from around where the bowl joins the head. Now lets discuss the potential causes and solutions for this problem.
As we can see, we have applied water back to the system following our prefilter change, and there is a significant leak from the bowl.
The most common cause of this issue is a mis-set bowl, or a missing or damaged o-ring.
Our first course of action is to attempt to back the bowl off, allowing the o-ring to expand in the gap, and fix our leak. Opposed to natural intuition, it is best to tighten the bowl all the way, and then back it off about a quarter turn to allow the o-ring to expand and be seated properly.
If we see no improvement, or if our o-ring was missing or damaged, we will replace the o-ring on the bowl and start again. Any small nick, tear, or stretch in the o-ring may cause it to fail and lead to a leak.
We will shut down the system again and remove the prefilter bowl.
The o-ring will sit in the top groove of the prefilter bowl. Test the elasticity of the o-ring using finger pressure. It should be snug to the bowl, with no excess slack. We can then re-insert our prefilter, and install the bowl back onto the system.
After applying water, this appears to have cured our problem. Clean and dry the area as you monitor the bowl for a few minutes to identify if the problem persists. After a few minutes, we can be sure the leak is no longer a problem.
For further inquiries on prefilter issues, please contact our technical support team today.
This has been Suretech Water Treatment Technical Support for Suretech Water Inc. For water filter sales, service, or for further information please contact our team via 1-877-635-7410 or our website at


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